Model Systems Cluster

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BRMS Mouse Breeding Core & Research Services


The Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS) Program facilitates animal research across the UW campus providing animal care in 10 vivaria and services through Core Units.  The Breeding Core performs animal husbandry to supply researches with needed animals in a timely and cost-effective manner; the Research Services Core performs a wide variety of technical procedures.  Staff commonly breed mice for specific projects, perform studies inside the BRMS core facility, and deliver end point tissues or transfer live mice to laboratories after techniques are performed. Support ranges from a small portion of study to a complete study with final results.

SPF Breeding Services

  • Mating
  • Weaning
  • Euthanasia
  • Secure Web Based Colony Records
  • Transport of animals to lab or housing facility
  • Timed mating
  • Animal identification
  • Tissue collection for PCR
  • Genotyping service using Transnetyx (For more info go to:
  • Blood collection/IP or SQ injections, oral gavage, tail vein injections
  • Tissue Harvesting/Perfusion
  • Special diets (irradiated)
  • Other procedures as requested by the investigator

Rodent Research Services

  • Intraperitoneal, subcutaneous & retro-orbital injections
  • Tail vein injections
  • Tamoxifen administration
  • Administering special diets and water
  • Weighing
  • Timed Mating/Embryo harvest
  • Blood Collection
  • Oral Gavage
  • Tumor/cell Grafts
  • Tumor Measurements
  • Implantation
  • Castration/Overectomy
  • Perfusion
  • Tissue isolation/harvest
  • Glucose Tolerance Testing
  • Renal Capsule Transplant


BRMS Gnotobiotic Core


The BRMS Gnotobiotic Core, located in the Biotechnology and Genetics building, offers expertise in the design, development, and execution of gnotobiotic rodent research.  The Core provides animal care, husbandry, and technical services for germ free and gnotobiotic mouse experiments.



  • Germ Free mice: including C57BL/6 and Swiss Webster


  • Fecal sampling
  • Special diet administration
  • Oral gavage
  • Intraperitoneal injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Retro-orbital injection
  • Weighing
  • Ear notching
  • Other procedures available per investigator request


  • Cage maintenance in individually HEPA filtered cages.
  • Cage maintenance in flexible film isolators (breeding and experimental)
  • Additional services offered on a fee for service basis


  • Microbiology and molecular biology services
  • Tissue harvest
  • Germ-Free rederivation



Email: or

Phone: 608-293-4350


Model Organisms Research Core Facility (MORCORE)


The Mission of the Model Organisms Research Core Laboratory is to provide a central resource of knowledge, skills, personnel, and equipment that allows investigators access to cardiovascular and other techniques to facilitate research.


  • Make and analyze animal models of disease in mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, pigs, sheep, and primates
  • Provide surgical and anesthesia support in large animal models as well
  • Offer a micro-surgical training course 4 times per year


  • Fully stocked small and large animal surgery suites with
  • microscopes
  • ventilators
  • anesthesia
  • patient monitors
  • physiological measurements (blood pressure, pressure-volume, blood flow)
  • implantable telemetry
  • single and bi-plane fluoroscopic equipment and ultrasound



UW Humanized Mouse Core ֍


The Humanized Mouse Core of the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides investigators with a variety of humanized mouse models for their individual research needs. Our goal is to readily supply animals of high quality and consistency in order to facilitate cutting-edge research of the human immune response.

֍ This core facility utilizes iLab, an online management tool that allows researchers to request services, schedule equipment and manage billing with UW shared resources.


  • Humanized Mice (NeoThy, BLT, HSC-hu, PBL-hu, Custom Models)
  • Age-Matched Control Mice
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Humanization Reagents (Cord Blood Cells, Thymus Tissue, etc)
  • Cell Counting (Automated)
  • Mouse Blood and Tissue Collection
  • Experimental Design/Analysis Consultation
  • Custom Services


  • 4-Color Flow Cytometry (Accuri C6)
  • 3 Laser, 10 Channel Flow Cytometry (CytoFLEX*) *coming later in 2020
  • ChemoMetec NC-200 Automated Cell Counter
  • Pending: Isoplexus Isolight (Single Cell Cytokine/Immune Monitoring)


֍  Utilizes iLab Management System